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It’s been awhile

One of the hardest things for me is coming up with activities to do with Tarot. I don’t have many things to ask them about or many people who want readings. One of the things that I do though is pull a card to see what’s coming up for me in the following month, this has proved pretty insightful.

This months card is Knight of Pentacles.

I hate trying to figure out court cards, those are the hardest ones for me.

I pulled  three cards to try to see what this knight is trying to tell me.

1.What is the Knight of Pentacles bringing me. Five of Wands

2. What is the Knight of Pentacles trying to tell me. The Magician Rvd

3. How can I best deal with the Knights energies. The Moon Rvd.

5 of Wands as conflicts, well I hope that it’s not money conflicts but the other day I pulled this card in a relationship reading, the cards where Five of Wands, The Lovers, and Knight of Swords. I got as far as feeling that those cards were telling me that some sort of conflict would result in me making some sort of choice. I am not sure about the KoS though. But, maybe this card showing up as something the KoP is bringing me is the message to stay grounded when things start looking hectic. 

The Magician Rvd, I am in danger of losing some of my personal energy and need to stay grounded to ward against losing too much. The Moon Rvd is saying that by staying grounded I can see past the Illusion of the conflict to the real meat of the issue. Stay grounded and follow your truths by looking at the issue from all points of view.

Since I am unsure about what kind of issue this is warning me to stay grounded on I am going to pull on more card. Knight of Cups Rvd. What is up with all these Knights? I am going to take a guess and say my partner. Which is true he has been having some anger problems that cause fights and so staying grounded when he starts overreacting is a very good idea. I just hope its not a whole month of this.


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I find it amusing how every day can be so vastly different.  I don’t often do daily draws, being a stay-at-home mom  some days can be pretty tame. Well, honestly with a two-year old life is Never tame, but I pretty much know what to expect. All right waking up to poop covered walls from said two-year old is not something I expect, and I am not sure if there is a card for that=0

Over the last few days I have  done a couple one card draws. Yesterday I was waiting on hubs to finish up in Best Buy and just pulled a card about what energies where about me at the time. 7 of Pents Rvd: Not being very patient are we? Ah, no not really. I get bored sitting around  and we wound up spending over an hour at that store.  I went into an electronic overload coma that kind of made me resemble the walking dead.

Today we were having a bit of a problem with the financing on our car, I pulled a card and Oh hello 7 of Pents. I need to be patient and see what happens. Sure enough everything turned out perfect. More than perfect actually, it seems that the dealership is having problems getting the title to our car transferred from Kentucky and haven’t been able to send the finance papers to the bank. So they told us that we would basically have a free car until the end of this month. I have been blessed a ton this month so far, Thank you Goddess=)

1 card, 2 days, 2 different definitions. I love how Tarot does this. Funny though it took until today for me to get this. I often have that happen to me, and this happened to me when I read for my friend a couple of months ago. It wasn’t until some things started happening that I realized the importance of the cards she received. That doesn’t seem fair, more like cheat sheeting it. I hope I get better at on the spot reading. Practice, Practice, Practice!!


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