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The Week Ahead

So I don’t do very well with daily draws. I am at home pretty much every day of the week, except for shopping day. I am a stay at home mommy so I pretty much know what my days are gonna hold(dirty diapers, yick!!) But maybe a weekly spread would be ok, I don’t know what every day will bring me things do change sometimes. So every Sunday I think I am going to do a weekly draw, and a report on if the energy of that particular card manifested itself at all. So…

What is the energy like for the week ahead?

Queen of Cups.

Meaning from the Book: The Queen of Cups nurtures intuition and a sensitive to the emotional states of those around her. She helps people get in touch with the subtle currents of the flow of life. She advises on relationships, compromising, and accommodation.

My thoughts: Well we will see. I do tend to be sensitive to others moods. I sometimes also reflect the moods of those around me in my own moods. It isn’t always a good thing for me and I haven’t really gotten a good handle on that, it’s something I need to work on.

Until next week!




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