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As January draws to a close I am reflecting on my experience with the Legacy. I have to say that I connected a lot more with this deck then I thought I would and yet at the same time I don’t think that beyond just drawing my own meanings from the pictures presented that I am going to be able, personally, to go any deeper then that. I just don’t have any want to dig into the symbolism that is presented here, and when I am doing readings the numerology and zodiac signs only inflict within me a passing glance. I am not sure if this is from being lazy or I just am not at this time capable of it. I have decided to stay another month with the Legacy in hopes that maybe beyond the odd reading here and there I will be drawn to go deeper. Only time shall tell. I do have to say that I still love this deck for its picturesque beauty(if that makes any sense at all.)

Now tonight I am going to explore the spread called the mystic seven that I pulled from my Tarot Bible. Laying out the cards at first glance they honestly make no sense. I am going to bumble my way through this in hopes that Something will come out of it.

Card 1. Your Current Situation: 9 of Swords. Our thoughts can rule us when we let them. I have heard that there is nothing more scary then what comes out of our own imagination. That with fear we can create monsters out of shadows, or that fear can make situations worse then what might actually be there. It isn’t ever a good thing to let your imagination run wild when you are scared and I know that I have a tendancy to conjure up worse scenarios within my own mind when I am obsessing over something that scares me. I think this is telling me that things look worse inside my own mind then what is in actuality. Which is good, just makes me feel a wee bit silly…

Card 2. Obstacles: The Moon. Lack of illumination, or jumping to conclusions before you actually have concrete information can make you seem foolish. You know what they say about when you assume something.=) I do have a tendancy to jump to conclusions. That kind of goes with the last card, how when you don’t know the whole situation you can make things worse when you dwell on them, making them uglier then what it might be. I have been doing this with my relationship lately, dwelling on the negatives. So obviously I am not being fair and looking at all sides of this situation, and assuming on how the other person feels. Lord am I even making any sense right now?

Card3. Your Aspiration: Three of Cups. To be a happy person who feels like they have something to celebrate, or maybe that I want to find something that makes me feel happy again. That I want a reason to go out and dance and be merry.

Card 4. What needs to be awakened: Four of Cups.  Now when I first laid this down I was a bit confused with how this could be something that I need to be awakened too. But as I think on it, maybe it is telling me that this is an energy that I need to be aware that is within myself, and that it needs to be dealt with so I can move on. That I need to get out of the phase where I am disconnected and discontent with everything. That I need to look at the silver lining and work with that instead of reflecting on the bad points of my situation. I need to weave gold thread out of hay. Which seems so impossible, cause this one I feel isn’t connected with the state of my relationship but more of just the state of my life at the moment. It is telling me to Deal with this emotion and move on and recognize the worth of what I have instead of how much it “sucks.”

Card 5. What lies behind you: Faith. Well ok so at first that looks bad because really I do still have faith, But not the same faith as I did before. Not to long ago I was feeling that everything that I had been taught was not quite right that it didn’t mash with what I knew of the world. That it was restrictive and blind to the obvious. I still have the core beliefs that I used to have, but the bulk of it I left behind. I feel much better now about my world, that I am not just ignoring parts of myself that before would have been seen as wrong and bad. It was driving me crazy!! So I left it behind.

Card 6. The next stage: Queen of Swords. I feel like this is my collecting information stage. I always have the feeling that this Queen knows much more then the average person. Swords are about intellect and she has it in droves. I am going into a phase where I am soaking up all the information I can get my hands on, and some day I do want to be able to actually apply it somewhere.

 Card 7. What will be. Queen of Wands. It looks like all that information is going to light a fire under me and I am going to use it creatively.

Two Queens right next to each other, wow that one is a first. The Queens have been showing up a lot, I take that to mean that I have or will have a lot of feminine influence in my life. Some of this reading flowed easily for me and some of it was a bit ‘huh, and what is this trying to tell me?’ But all and all this was pretty informative and gave me a point of view I had not looked at.




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The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups has been showing up in a bunch of readings that I have done for myself here lately. So curious me pulled three cards on what her involvement is in my life at the moment.

I pulled Eight of Wands, Ace of Cups, and The Wheel.

So it look like to me that the energy involved here is pretty important. Movement and fulfilment and Change. Hmm. the movement is moving away from something  while at the same time it is heading towards the fulfilment (Ace of Cups). But maybe to get to this fulfilment I am going to have to go through some serious changes. What I am not sure about is whether it is a change in attitude or place or with relationships that I have with people. I just drew the Four of Cups as a clarifier for the Wheel of Change.Now since this is a cup which deals with emotions I would say that is attitude or emotion that needs to be changed. Which does fit together for me since the Queen is the Queen of Cups. So either this card (Queen of Cups) is telling me that something/ someone is going to help me make the required changes and movements that are needed to feel emotionally full(Ace of Cups.) All of this is good too here.

I hope this made sense because I am typing this while the kids are up, and I have to do that fast because they like to get into mischief.



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Important Info

They have asked us to put up links to the Accelectic website on our blogs. I am not too sure about how to do that so I will just put up a post with this link. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/

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So I guess I am really behind the times. I just now drew up my year card using  my birth day and month plus this year 2010. I don’t exactly know how you apply them to the year, if this is the lesson I need to learn this year or the energy that is applied to it. Lets take a peek at last years card, Death. Now nothing really changed and I can’t really say that I can think of anything that ended, or any transformations. Well I could say that my old thinking on spirituality underwent a bit of a change so maybe it’s talking about letting old beliefs go to be able to accept new ones.

Now I do need to learn how to balance my life. I have a hard time actually getting everything to fit in together like I want it too, nothing seamlessly flows in any way. So maybe just maybe I will get a handle on things. I also need to become more balanced inside too. I have to say that every since my second baby was born my emotions have been a bit Out there, and it has taken until recently for me to get any kind of handle on them.

I probably also need to figure out how to blend my spiritual side with my more day-to-day mundane side. No one around me now holds the same beliefs as me, which is ok. I have figured out that you don’t Have to follow the leader, that making your own mold sometimes means that you might get a bit of flak in the face but all that matters is what You feel you need to be a better adjusted person in the end. I wasn’t happy when I followed what others wanted for me, I am now. Coincidence? I think not Watson.=p



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Gypsy Spread

Last night I sat down on the floor and did this mega long spread, and I do mean Mega long. It has 21 cards that cover a long range of questions from the past to the future. The funny thing that I see though is that a few cards that have seemingly been stalking me here lately show up yet again. Sho I am going to write down everything first and then Attempt to try and write out some kind of meaning to it all, I might break out in a sweat.

((((Cracking knuckles))))

                 I           II        III      IV       V        VI     VII

C              15        16        17        18     19       20      21

B               8           9         10      11       12       13      14

A              1             2         3        4         5         6        7

A. The Past                             I. Work/ Prospects

B. The Present                    II. Home/Needs

C. The Future                   III. Luck/Desires

                                               IV. Friends/Support

                                                 V. Love/Sex

                                                VI. Plans/Goal

                                                VII.. Personal Quest.

A. The Past                             B. Present                           C. The Future

I.  Eight of Swords                Page of Swords                Queen of Coins

II. Nine of Coins                   Hanged Man                      Eight of Cups

III. Six of Cups                     Ace of Cups                        Six of Wands

IV. Judgement                     Two of Swords                   Queen of Cups

V. The Chariot                      Two of Wands                     Knight of Swords

VI. Four of Cups.                 The Devil                              Five of Swords

VII. The Star                         Three of Coins                     Three of Wands

Ahhh, Geez that is long and its going to get longer.

I. Work/Prospects. alright so here I need to be Totally honest and say, I have not really worked much in my life. I have had three jobs all of which where no longer then three months. But, I do have two kids and have been home with them since I was nineteen. I hesitate to say that the ties of family are what this card is about, maybe I felt a bit restricted in the past from it. The Page of Swords reminds me so very much of both my children. The child is a red head and looks in an odd way like both my little girl and boy. They are very high spirited and high needs children. They require a lot of work but they are teaching me a lot about patience and perseverance. The Queen of Coins I think points to me becoming independently working outside the home, making my contiributation to the family with making my own money.  I would like this, I love love love my kids just sometimes I miss being around adults=)

II. Home/ Needs. In the past I only concentrated on myself, I also seemed to have a love of the finer things. The Hanging Man does really remind me of the circumstance right now. Since I am still as stay at home mom and we only have one car I am in a bit of a resting and waiting phase right now. The last one bothers me a bit though, some movement would be nice to see but I don’ t want to move away totally. I like how the figure is reaching for the moon, but I don’t think I want to go so totally far from where I am right now that I am out of orbit.

III. Luck/ Desires. I think the six of cups indicates my desire sometimes to be able to do things over in the past. I don’t do this all the time, but in the past I had a big problem with this. Ace of Cups means that things are starting to look up for me and I am starting to feel fulfilled. Six of Wands, what a good card to have in the luck section. Whenever this starts I will have a pretty happy and lucky time.

IV. Friends/Support: This one kinda has me stumped a bit. I say that I have in the past had help from those higher up, and right now (Two of Swords) I am blind to those around me, I am not in contact with many people do to moving around A lot and being super shy, plus not working and not having a car, so its kind of me and hubs in a party for two type of thing, which isn’t always a good thing=) Ahh now here is my stalker. The Queen of Cups  has shown up almost in every reading I have had recently, it would be nice to really know what she wants..

V. Love/Sex. I am not even sure about any of this, The chariot, wanting to be the one at the reigns=p Two of Wands, I have no clue, the picture on this card is of two looked boxes with the key floating in between and sort of in front of them. Either I like having/being mysterious or in my relationship now we both have secrets. King of Swords, I don’t know if this is someone in my life or me, that is the problem I have with court cards sometimes. I am just going to leave it alone.

VI. Plans/Goals: Four of Cups, I didn’t really have any. I was in more of a looking at what I couldn’t do versus what I could do. The Devil, I once agian am not sure. It seems like its saying I am taking advantage of something or manipulating, but really I am not. I’m pretty much just waiting around for my oldest to go into school this year so I can take college classes. Five of Swords, I suddenly go into command and conquer mode, what the heck is that? I can barely make plans for later in the day let alone become a conquering barbarian who takes over. Maybe it means that I don’t get far with my plans, we’ll have to wait and see.

VII. Personal Quest. Setting my goals/foundations, working diligently, then setting it out into the world and watching it take sail. Now I have always wanted to do some fictional writing, I have great ideas I just was never very good at grammar or just generally writing good stories. Maybe I should just work at it and see what comes of it. That is what it seems to be saying here.

Wooo! that was one loooong reading. I am now off to indulge in anything chocolate that I can find hiding in my cupboards.

Cheers to you!


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Me in a Nutshell

I sometimes find it  hard too really know how I relate to people. I always feel a bit awkward  and just generally out of place. Its always been an odd thing since I hate being by myself and like the company of others its just in the back of my head I am constantly wondering how they really see me. So I am going to draw one card on How others see me using the Legacy.

Knight of Coins:

Hmm, a very earthy personality. I have always thought that most of the time I am seen as a very airy person who is caught up in their own head and well also is seen as some what of an air head or ditz.

On another’s blog they said the Knight of Pentacles/Coins isn’t a very exciting person, one who really goes with the flow and is content to follow others lead. Compares themselves with others and wants what they have. Values their family and kids and their few close friends. A lot of that sounds true, I don’t particularly want to stand out and I do feel more of a bond with my family then with a whole group of friends. I have always had one or two close friends at a time and not a whole group. I have had times where I  wanted to stand out, but then that being uncomfortable around others always stands in my way. There is also a  picture of two horses on this card and I find that funny because out of all the animals in the world horses are the ones that I love the most, and I tend to get them better then I do people.

 So I can sort of see how I could be the solid not too exciting but always by your side Knight of Coins.



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PDR LOTD: Divining Myself

I love doing these types of spreads. The long ones are really fun to do about once a week, it also is fun to try something I am not too sure I will be able to actually do and then make myself do it. I have also decided to try to stick with just doing readings with one deck at a time for a while. I will do this for a while, but instead of trying out all different kinds to do all different kinds of readings I am just going to stick with one deck at a time till’ it feels like it’s the time to stop. It will take me longer to go through the twelve or so decks that I do own, but I feel like I will build up a better relationship with each one if I give them one on one time for a specific period of time. Ok onwards to the reading.

Card 1. I am this now: Knight of Cups. I am trying to find a way to master my emotions, and not let them rule over me. That is something that I find Very hard to do. My emotions sometimes literally Run away from me.

Card 2. This is what bugs me: Three of Wands. This is one card that has shown up a lot here for me lately. I hate to stay in one place for long periods of time and love to go out and explore the world. Do to the way that my life is at the moment I am not able to do that, and that really bugs me. The man standing on the beach watching the sky ship take flight really does feel like what I go through a lot, watching while others get to do as they want, leaving me behind. Its an emotion that also bugs me to have, makes me feel really childish and I hate to feel childish.

Card 3.What I like about myself: Ten of Cups. The picture in this set is a bit different from the normal , it shows a cat and dog lying down together in front of a roaring fire. I would say that I like my loyalty, that even if I don’t always get along with that person I still offer loyalty and trust way beyond when I need to.

Card 4. What I don’t like about myself: Justice. There are two women on this card, both blinded by intricate hoods. So I would say that I don’t pay as much attention to what is around me sometimes. Or I can turn a blind eye when I really don’t need too.

Card 5. My talent: Three of Cups. This card is also a bit different. Instead of showing three women dancing and celebrating there is only one woman dancing behind three musical instruments. I don’t particularly think that I am musically inclined, and I know for a fact that I can’t dance. So maybe it is just saying that I am really good at being cheerful? Its really hard to see the positive in oneself, especially when you suffer from a dangerously low self-esteem so I am really not seeing much here..

Card 6. My temptation: The Star: The mysteries of the universe. I really can’t add any more here.

Card 7. My personal quest: Five of Wands. To resolve conflicts surrounding me. Both inner and outer ones.

Card 8. My current guardian angel: Strength. So I am not too sure why they added this one in here. It doesn’t really seem to fit the rest of the questions. I have just recently started to feel my guardian angel, and while I can’t see what they look like and I haven’t had any personal contact with him/her I do feel like they are very very strong. It kinda reminds me of the lion, very fierce like a warrior. I wish I could find away to become more in touch with my guardian, I would really love to have a close relationship.

I really love these cards, the scenery and pictures are so colorful and I do so love color. I just can’t seem to apply color meanings or numerology to my reading at all. I seem to be more of an emotional reader. I take the pictures and apply them to how they make me feel, I don’t seem to remember any of the real meanings and even if I look them up they usually don’t fit in the same way. I still seem to have a lot of trouble with the court cards. I kind of dread having them come up in a reading. Sometimes I don’t know if they are referring to a strong emotion or someone else. Also it seems like a bunch of the same cards have been cropping up on me lately. The Queen of Cups shows up a lot when I am pulling cards and I don’t write them down. I don’t know if it applies to a feeling within me or someone else either in my life or someone I am going to meet soon. That confuses me. Well I hope that everyone has a wonderfully blessed weekend.



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