It’s been awhile

One of the hardest things for me is coming up with activities to do with Tarot. I don’t have many things to ask them about or many people who want readings. One of the things that I do though is pull a card to see what’s coming up for me in the following month, this has proved pretty insightful.

This months card is Knight of Pentacles.

I hate trying to figure out court cards, those are the hardest ones for me.

I pulled  three cards to try to see what this knight is trying to tell me.

1.What is the Knight of Pentacles bringing me. Five of Wands

2. What is the Knight of Pentacles trying to tell me. The Magician Rvd

3. How can I best deal with the Knights energies. The Moon Rvd.

5 of Wands as conflicts, well I hope that it’s not money conflicts but the other day I pulled this card in a relationship reading, the cards where Five of Wands, The Lovers, and Knight of Swords. I got as far as feeling that those cards were telling me that some sort of conflict would result in me making some sort of choice. I am not sure about the KoS though. But, maybe this card showing up as something the KoP is bringing me is the message to stay grounded when things start looking hectic. 

The Magician Rvd, I am in danger of losing some of my personal energy and need to stay grounded to ward against losing too much. The Moon Rvd is saying that by staying grounded I can see past the Illusion of the conflict to the real meat of the issue. Stay grounded and follow your truths by looking at the issue from all points of view.

Since I am unsure about what kind of issue this is warning me to stay grounded on I am going to pull on more card. Knight of Cups Rvd. What is up with all these Knights? I am going to take a guess and say my partner. Which is true he has been having some anger problems that cause fights and so staying grounded when he starts overreacting is a very good idea. I just hope its not a whole month of this.

I find it amusing how every day can be so vastly different.  I don’t often do daily draws, being a stay-at-home mom  some days can be pretty tame. Well, honestly with a two-year old life is Never tame, but I pretty much know what to expect. All right waking up to poop covered walls from said two-year old is not something I expect, and I am not sure if there is a card for that=0

Over the last few days I have  done a couple one card draws. Yesterday I was waiting on hubs to finish up in Best Buy and just pulled a card about what energies where about me at the time. 7 of Pents Rvd: Not being very patient are we? Ah, no not really. I get bored sitting around  and we wound up spending over an hour at that store.  I went into an electronic overload coma that kind of made me resemble the walking dead.

Today we were having a bit of a problem with the financing on our car, I pulled a card and Oh hello 7 of Pents. I need to be patient and see what happens. Sure enough everything turned out perfect. More than perfect actually, it seems that the dealership is having problems getting the title to our car transferred from Kentucky and haven’t been able to send the finance papers to the bank. So they told us that we would basically have a free car until the end of this month. I have been blessed a ton this month so far, Thank you Goddess=)

1 card, 2 days, 2 different definitions. I love how Tarot does this. Funny though it took until today for me to get this. I often have that happen to me, and this happened to me when I read for my friend a couple of months ago. It wasn’t until some things started happening that I realized the importance of the cards she received. That doesn’t seem fair, more like cheat sheeting it. I hope I get better at on the spot reading. Practice, Practice, Practice!!


2011 brings the start of a new PDR and this year I will be Adventuring with the Robin Wood. This deck came into my life near the end of November 2010 and it was a love at first sight type of deal. I love you Robin!!

I adore this deck for many reasons, but the card that really drew me in was the Death card. Oh, so pretty… I like to believe that the card that first draws you in is generally the lessons that particular deck has to teach you. Leaving all the baggage from the past to start upon a new road. The road of Transformation. I believe these cards are going to be the turning point for me, from little to no understanding to the beginning of immersion. I can already feel this happening.

So todays reading is going to be all about the energy that this deck is bringing into my life.

“What Energies do these cards bring into my life”

2 of Cups Rvd, 2 of Wands, King of Wands.

The 2 of Cups is the emotion of love (friendship, family, one on one) and love is sometimes not very rational. The 2 of Cups Rvd is telling me that Robin will help me make rational decisions without playing with my emotions. Not to say that they aren’t loving but there will not be any bull-pooping around. I am a very emotionally driven person who tends to make most of my decisions on what I am feeling, so they will balance me out.

2 of Wands is saying that Robin will help me to know what it is I am searching for. They will help me on my quest for answers. I can already see this happening. In the short time Robin has been with me I have been able to read with these cards so well and it has been pretty amazing!!

The King of Wands will be the guide that helps me find the spark I need to develop to start creating the life I want to cultivate. What I take away from this is that Robin will help me burn through what is blocking my path to achieving this by showing me the things in my life that I need to work through. The emotions and actions that might be holding me back.

Have I mentioned how much I looovvvee these cards=)

What did I miss here?

I have not had the opportunity to read for a lot of different people. So I usually jump for it when someone asks me if I wouldn’t mind reading for them. So when a friend of mine asked if I minded reading for friend of hers I said sure, why not?  Well, it was one of those questions that makes me a little nervous to read about. She wanted me to ask about the possibility of getting pregnant soon. I do not like those types of predictive questions.

I told her what I thought, which was that I didn’t see her getting pregnant soon, she had a reversed Wheel of Fortune, and that I thought the timing of it wasn’t right for various reasons. She asked about timing and I told her it would probably be some time in the winter months, but not too soon…

And that is the only thing I seemed to have gotten correct. I was told the other night that she had indeed gotten pregnant. Now I am wondering, what did I miss? Looking back I do also remember telling her that the pregnancy would be an easy one when she did get pregnant, and now I am wondering what if I accidentally turned it around? What if instead of the way I read it the cards where trying to tell me that she would get pregnant soon but it wouldn’t end at all well? Frustrating…

So, two things here. One I am going to do a reading to see asking what info is imperative at this point. Two is, if it isn’t good do I try to tell her? I ask myself this question mostly b/c at this point she wouldn’t believe me now anyways since the last one was wrong so would trying to tell her do any good? Heck is it even my place to do so? I am worried about her and I don’t want her to experience any heart-break over so this is pretty frustrating.

Anyways, here is the reading. I drew three cards

What is important to know at this point now that she is pregnant.

Death, Ten of Wands Rvd, and Four of Cups

Death as a new beginning is pretty accurate since being pregnant is the beginning of a new life. How cute is that. Ten of Wands Rvd, well that tells me that at least in regards to her pregnancy that I was right when I said that her pregnancy isn’t going to be too hard, which is a relief let me tell you. But, the Four of Cups? Well it makes me think, one of the things I do remember telling her is that she needed to make sure that everything was ready for them to have a baby. Money was a big one and also I said to make sure and talk about is what was expected out of each other when they did have a baby. So maybe the problem isn’t with the pregnancy itself but what might happen afterwards, because I see the discontent and I feel it has more to do with partnerships then with babies.

This is what I know now. I will not be taking on any more pregnancy readings they are too emotionally charged and I do not want to mess around with that, so many things can go wrong and this is just one of those things that I would rather just find out in time.



  “You never know exactly where the journey is going to take you until you put your shoes on.”

“I do not believe in failure, one does not fail except when you decide not to even try.”

Where am I going? I used to think I knew the answer to that question. But the more I ponder that question the more I realize I am not as smart as I think I am. You can never really know where your journey is going to take you all you can do is lace your shoes on tightly and move forward with courage. My world is not as small as it used to be, I recognize and accept many things that I have scoffed at before.

This last year was the year I started learning myself a little better and I started really thinking of the steps that I need to take to become a more humane person. Slowly, but surely I am learning to trust my instincts when it comes to reading Tarot. I have not been able to integrate it into my life as much as I would like however. I am still struggling with this. I would love to use Tarot more in my life, but at this point I am not using it as much as  I would like to.

So this year even though as usual I am starting this late,  I would like to try to keep this going longer then I did last year. I will try to be more open and aware to see how these cards fit into my day-to-day life. I want to find the magical there as well. Even mundane moments have magic in them and this is what I am going to be hunting for. So here I go world wish me luck!

The Week Ahead

So I don’t do very well with daily draws. I am at home pretty much every day of the week, except for shopping day. I am a stay at home mommy so I pretty much know what my days are gonna hold(dirty diapers, yick!!) But maybe a weekly spread would be ok, I don’t know what every day will bring me things do change sometimes. So every Sunday I think I am going to do a weekly draw, and a report on if the energy of that particular card manifested itself at all. So…

What is the energy like for the week ahead?

Queen of Cups.

Meaning from the Book: The Queen of Cups nurtures intuition and a sensitive to the emotional states of those around her. She helps people get in touch with the subtle currents of the flow of life. She advises on relationships, compromising, and accommodation.

My thoughts: Well we will see. I do tend to be sensitive to others moods. I sometimes also reflect the moods of those around me in my own moods. It isn’t always a good thing for me and I haven’t really gotten a good handle on that, it’s something I need to work on.

Until next week!



As January draws to a close I am reflecting on my experience with the Legacy. I have to say that I connected a lot more with this deck then I thought I would and yet at the same time I don’t think that beyond just drawing my own meanings from the pictures presented that I am going to be able, personally, to go any deeper then that. I just don’t have any want to dig into the symbolism that is presented here, and when I am doing readings the numerology and zodiac signs only inflict within me a passing glance. I am not sure if this is from being lazy or I just am not at this time capable of it. I have decided to stay another month with the Legacy in hopes that maybe beyond the odd reading here and there I will be drawn to go deeper. Only time shall tell. I do have to say that I still love this deck for its picturesque beauty(if that makes any sense at all.)

Now tonight I am going to explore the spread called the mystic seven that I pulled from my Tarot Bible. Laying out the cards at first glance they honestly make no sense. I am going to bumble my way through this in hopes that Something will come out of it.

Card 1. Your Current Situation: 9 of Swords. Our thoughts can rule us when we let them. I have heard that there is nothing more scary then what comes out of our own imagination. That with fear we can create monsters out of shadows, or that fear can make situations worse then what might actually be there. It isn’t ever a good thing to let your imagination run wild when you are scared and I know that I have a tendancy to conjure up worse scenarios within my own mind when I am obsessing over something that scares me. I think this is telling me that things look worse inside my own mind then what is in actuality. Which is good, just makes me feel a wee bit silly…

Card 2. Obstacles: The Moon. Lack of illumination, or jumping to conclusions before you actually have concrete information can make you seem foolish. You know what they say about when you assume something.=) I do have a tendancy to jump to conclusions. That kind of goes with the last card, how when you don’t know the whole situation you can make things worse when you dwell on them, making them uglier then what it might be. I have been doing this with my relationship lately, dwelling on the negatives. So obviously I am not being fair and looking at all sides of this situation, and assuming on how the other person feels. Lord am I even making any sense right now?

Card3. Your Aspiration: Three of Cups. To be a happy person who feels like they have something to celebrate, or maybe that I want to find something that makes me feel happy again. That I want a reason to go out and dance and be merry.

Card 4. What needs to be awakened: Four of Cups.  Now when I first laid this down I was a bit confused with how this could be something that I need to be awakened too. But as I think on it, maybe it is telling me that this is an energy that I need to be aware that is within myself, and that it needs to be dealt with so I can move on. That I need to get out of the phase where I am disconnected and discontent with everything. That I need to look at the silver lining and work with that instead of reflecting on the bad points of my situation. I need to weave gold thread out of hay. Which seems so impossible, cause this one I feel isn’t connected with the state of my relationship but more of just the state of my life at the moment. It is telling me to Deal with this emotion and move on and recognize the worth of what I have instead of how much it “sucks.”

Card 5. What lies behind you: Faith. Well ok so at first that looks bad because really I do still have faith, But not the same faith as I did before. Not to long ago I was feeling that everything that I had been taught was not quite right that it didn’t mash with what I knew of the world. That it was restrictive and blind to the obvious. I still have the core beliefs that I used to have, but the bulk of it I left behind. I feel much better now about my world, that I am not just ignoring parts of myself that before would have been seen as wrong and bad. It was driving me crazy!! So I left it behind.

Card 6. The next stage: Queen of Swords. I feel like this is my collecting information stage. I always have the feeling that this Queen knows much more then the average person. Swords are about intellect and she has it in droves. I am going into a phase where I am soaking up all the information I can get my hands on, and some day I do want to be able to actually apply it somewhere.

 Card 7. What will be. Queen of Wands. It looks like all that information is going to light a fire under me and I am going to use it creatively.

Two Queens right next to each other, wow that one is a first. The Queens have been showing up a lot, I take that to mean that I have or will have a lot of feminine influence in my life. Some of this reading flowed easily for me and some of it was a bit ‘huh, and what is this trying to tell me?’ But all and all this was pretty informative and gave me a point of view I had not looked at.